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The 2023 Year In Review - A Challenging Balancing Act

Gnome tree has had renovations since I first discovered its existence in 2015.

Well that year happened! And to start this post I thought I'd show that I still do actually get out on my bike.

Not often admittedly. But I do occasionally try.

This year has been a blur - the amount of busyness in my life

Late in 2022 became CEO of the company I was working in. Not intentionally mind you. It just sort of happened.

Anyway, it turns out that trying to balance the demands of doing a CEO gig while juggling the mountain bike coaching thing was challenging.

Doing the CEO thing - trying to reduce industry's impact on the planet. So we don't have to all dress like this in the future.

Which is the main reason I've been so quiet this year.

On social media, and with blog posts.

Even with coaching in general.

Although, after reviewing the photos from the year, it seems like still did a bit of coaching. Both group session and 1:1s, including an increasing number of NDIS participants.

I will say that at this point in time, the outlook for 2024 is looking even busier for me - at least in terms of the adult job.

It's a job where I have the opportunity to effect change that can help make a more sustainable planet - so that's where I have to place my priorities for the moment.

But the coaching will continue!

And to next year's repetoire, as I've hinted I'll be splitting the current Flow program back into a Grade 4 and 5 to make learning a bit more progressive.

I'm also going to try and add in a trail maintenance course as well, in my spare time. We'll see about that one.

Philippa comes out to help me coach sometimes.

On a final note, I'm potentially considering coaching how to coach - at least in the way that I do it.

Mostly with an aim to see if anybody wants to help coach some of the classes that I do. Eventually solo - just in case I can't do them.

So if you're interested in helping others improve their confidence, master fear, improve coordination and become a master at managing risk (as well as helping people ride their mountain bikes better), let me know and we can have a chat sometime.

Otherwise, have a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year!

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