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Skills development programs designed to progress your riding over time and in a structured manner to improve both your confidence and skills.

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Single session events designed to help you brush up your skills or familiarise you with trail situations that you've not encountered before.

Lost World Friends with Dignity Fund Rai

Social group rides to show you around some of the trail networks in South East Queensland with all money raised donated to nominated charities.

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1:1 or small group coaching specifically tailored to your needs that can be conducted as a one off session purchased as a package to be used at your convenience.



A series of 5 skills development programs that layer on the skills learnt in previous courses.  Each individual session has been designed to deliver specific key skills that will progress your mountain bike riding from the beginner to an advanced intermediate level.

Commence at the very beginning or start at a program of your choice if you already possess a baseline of skills.  Broken into 3 week blocks you're able to either continue straight onto the next course or you can consolidate the skills learnt before proceeding onto the next program.

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Beginner Programs

Start riding the trails safely and with confidence by learning the right techniques to handle your mountain bike.

Our beginner programs are designed to get your started riding safely and confidently off-road,  even if you've never tried it before.  Sponsored by the City of Gold Coast as part of its Active and Healthy Program these mountain bike programs are designed to show you another fun way of getting fit and healthy while also showing you what you're really capable of achieving. 

Mountain Bike Confidence for Kids

If you'd like to get your kids exploring the great outdoors in a fun way, introducing  them to mountain biking is a great way to do it.  Designed for young riders aged between 6 to 12 years old who haven't done any riding off-road before, these sessions will help kids build up their confidence on two wheels by introducing them to fundamental riding skills in a safe environment.  Parents are welcome to join their kids in the class and the trail ride.  

The Mountain Bike Confidence for Kids session is part of the City of Gold Coast's Active and Healthy program and is designed to help new riders discover the joys and health benefits of mountain biking.  The cost is $5 per child and is limited to 20 participants per session (excluding parents).

Girls Only Mountain Bike Confidence

No boys allowed.  The Girls Only Mountain Bike Confidence Course is a riding skills and confidence designed to inspire female riders to challenge themselves and see what they can accomplish on two wheels.

You'll not only learn how to handle a bike out on the trails, but will also explore how to work through the mental challenges that come with mountain bike riding to make you a more confident rider and person.  The program consists of two sessions and is suitable for riders 8 years and over and is  $7.50 per person.

'Come and Try' Mountain Biking

A program for cyclists that have never ridden off road and want to learn a few key skills before setting out on the trails to figure out whether or not you'll enjoy mountain biking (but we know you will!)  This course introduces you to fundamental mountain bike skills and familiarise them with green trails.

The 'Come and Try" Mountain Biking course is part of the City of Gold Coast's Active and Healthy program and is designed to help new riders discover the joys and health benefits of mountain biking.  It consists of 3 x 1 hr sessions at a special rate of $10. Limited to a maximum of 20 per course. 

Core Skills Program

Challenge yourself to advance your skills and abilities to ride more difficult trails with confidence. 

The Core Skills Program is aimed at riders who have experience riding green and easy blue trails and are seeking to take up the challenge of riding more challenging trails. 


The Program is divided into 2 x 3 Week Courses: the Grade 2 Mountain Bike Confidence course and  Grade 3 Mountain Bike Riding Skills course.  The individual Core Skills programs have been designed so that participants are able to progress immediately from one course to the next or take a break in between to consolidate skills learnt in the first program.

The Mountain Bike Confidence Course consists of 3 x 1.5ish hour sessions for $135 and caters for 8 participants.  The Core MTB Riding Skills Course is comprised of  3 x 2 hour sessions for $135 and allows up to 6 students on each program.

Mountain Bike Confidence

The Mountain Bike Confidence course is a Grade 2 Program designed to teach you the skills and techniques to ride safer, faster and with greater confidence.  In addition to reinforcing the foundation skills of cornering and braking, you'll work on techniques to improve your body balance, handle obstacles and ride more technical terrain. 

Core MTB Riding Skills

The Core Mountain Bike Riding Skills is a Grade 3 Program designed to advance your existing core skills to handle more advanced obstacles and features.   You'll enhance your body balance skills to handle low speed and technical manoeuvering, negotiate intermediate level drops and work on techniques to begin getting your wheels in the air.

Flow Skills Program

Discover the techniques to ride smoothly, confidently and without conscious thought to flow through technical trails.

The Flow Skills Program is for riders who have solidified their core riding skills and want to advance their riding abilities to ride more difficult trails, handle challenging obstacles and flow through technical trails.


The Program is divided into 2 x 3 Week Courses: the Grade 4 Riding with Spee and Flow and Grade 5 Flow Skills A -  Line Sessions.  Both courses have been designed so that participants are able to progress immediately from one course to the next  course or take a break in between to consolidate skills learnt in the first program.


 Each course consists of 3 x 2 hr sessions for $195 ($390 for the full Flow Skills Program).  Participants are limited to a maximum of 5 per course.

Riding with Speed and Flow

Riding with Speed & Flow is aimed at riders who are looking to advance their riding technique and mental confidence to ride with more speed and handle challenging obstacles with flow in the Nerang Mountain Bike Park. This course progresses your existing skills  including cornering, jumps and drops, combining your core mountain bike skills to learn more advanced techniques such as bunny hops, as well as on your mental discipline to improve your riding confidence at speed.

Flow Skills A - Line Sessions

The Flow Skills A - Line Course is a Grade 5 Program builds on the techniques learnt during the B - Line course and teaches students to combine individual skills to deal with advanced trail obstacles with flow.  Skills learnt include intermediate jumping, advanced cornering, obstacle clearing, body balance, cornering and drop  techniques.



Skills clinics are single sessions designed to help you refresh and apply key skills and techniques out in practical situations.  Clinics are run anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the session and generally start with a skills review session before heading out onto the trails to practice applying skills to specifically chosen features.  They're a great way of brushing up on a skill or refining your riding technique.  Prices vary depending on the specific skills clinic.

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The Drops & Jumps Refresher Skills Clinic is a 1.5 hr session for riders who have previously worked on dropping and jumping techniques and are looking to refresh and refine their abilities.  It's ideal for riders who are still a bit nervous about hitting intermediate level drops and jumps and just want to skills and improve their overall confidence.

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MTB Skills for E-Bike Riding is a single 3-hour skills session specifically aimed at helping riders with understanding the nuances of riding an e-bike on mountain bike trails.  This skills clinic focuses skills and techniques unique to e-mountain bike riding that will help your confidence out on intermediate blue trails.

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The Core Skills Advanced Extension Skills Clinic is a 3+ hr trail session aimed at riders who want to refresh their core riding skills to progress their riding to the next level through the practical application of techniques on the trails. This skills clinic focuses on applying a variety of core skills on more challenging intermediate blue trails.


Get familiar with new trails under the watchful eyes of experienced guides while helping to raise money for worthy causes.

With over 70 kilometers of single track in the Nerang National Park alone let alone what's around in South East Queensland, it's easy to get lost without knowing your way around.  Trail familiarisation rides are a great way of discovering new single tracks under the guidance of experienced ride leaders.

All funds raised from the trail familiarisation rides are donated to charities that support people affected by depression or domestic violence.  

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Personalised 1:1 MTB skills development training with photo / video analysis.  Great for those looking to focus their development on a few specific skills or achieve a definitive objective.

Session rates are:

1 hr: $95

1.5 hrs: $125

2 hrs: $150


Small group coaching for 2 to 4 participants with a program specifically designed to meet your needs.  A perfect way to develop what you want with a group of your friends in a more affordable manner.

Session rates are:

1 hr: $60

1.5 hrs: 90

2 hrs: $110