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Hi everyone. Life has been keeping me busy but I wanted to say that you're all in my thoughts and I would genuinely like to ask if you're OK. 2020 has been an especially challenging year for many and so i think ti's even more important for us to not only check in on each other and support those around us, but to also know that people are there for us if we're struggling to. You don't need to be an expert to check in on someone or keep the conversation going if someone says they're not OK. Knowing someone is there providing support can really help a person long before they're in crisis, making a positive difference to their life.

As as someone who manages the effects of long term depression on a daily basis, if you are struggling I would strongly encourage you to reach out for help. I'm certainly always available to provide a supportive ear if you have nobody you feel you can talk to. If you'd like to learn more about the R U OK? initiative, visit the R U OK website: You'll find resources on tips and ideas on how to ask R U OK.

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